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Jim Talarski

WDV101: Intro to JavaScript - Fall 2023 - Assignments

Assignment: Create WDV221 Intro JavaScript Homework Page (this page)

Assignment 1-1: JavaScript Introduction

Assignment 2-1: Variables Assignment

Assignment 3-1: Functions

Assignment 4-1: Functions and the String Object

Assignment 4-2: Functions with Parameters

Assignment 5-1: External JS Functions with Parameters

Assignment 5-2: Event Handlers

Assignment 6-1: Event Operators and Textfields

Assignment 7-1: Comparisons and IF - Compare Names

Assignment 7-2: Comparisons and IF - Compare Numbers

Assignment 8-1: For and While Loops

Assignment 9-1: Arrays: Sales Tax Lookup

Assignment 9-2: Parallel Array Inventory Management

Assignment 10-1: Style Objects


Midterm Coding Exam 1

Midterm Coding Exam 2


Final Skill Test - Form Validation and Style

Final Skill Test - High Low Game

Final Skill Test - Lookup and Accumulate Arrays

Final Skill Test - Loop Arrays

Final Project - Dice Game