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Jim Talarski

WDV101: Intro to HTML and CSS Assignments

Assignment 1-1: Index Page

Assignment 2-1: Pathname Project

Assignment 2-2: Homework Page (this page)

Assignment 3-1: Koala Site Images

Assignment 5-2: Apply Selectors to Koala Site

Assignment 6-1: Apply CSS and add color to Koala Site

Assignment 7-1: Add fonts to the Koala Site

Assignment 7-2: Layout Koala FAQ Page

Assignment 8-1: Apply Box Model to Koala Site

Assignment 8-2: Style Your Home and Homework Page

Assignment 9-1: Apply Single Column Layout to Koala Site

Assignment: HTML & CSS Web Project: Cocoa Site (single column site)

Assignment: HTML & CSS Web Project: Cocoa Site (flexbox multi-column)

Assignment 11-1: 3 Column Flexbox Page Layout

Assignment 11-2 & 12-1: Koala Gallery Page

Assignment 12-2: Make 3 Column Flexbox Page Responsive

Assignment: CSS Web Project - Summit Farms Rescue

Assignment 13-1: Bootstrap 3 Column Layout

Assignment 14-1 & 2: Create, Style and Process Koala Site Contact Form

Assignment 15-1:Koala Adopt Page/Form Assignment

Final Project: Savanna's Coffee House Website